2012 “Voices of the Year: Children and Family Listening”


by: Roland Smith


by Eve Bunting


by Karen Tei Yamashita


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by: Trent Reedy

2011 “Voices of the Year: Children and Family Listening”


Ramón has narrated more than a hundred audiobooks including the bestselling "Diary of A Wimpy Kid" Young Adult/Children series, and the adult fiction bestseller turned film "This is Where I Leave You". He has won 11 AudioFile magazine Earphone Awards for his narration including "Best Voices" two years in a row. 



by Linda Graff

FREAKS: ALIVE, ON THE INSIDE by  Annette Curtis Klause

“...It's easy to see why de Ocampo has already won awards for his audiobook narrations--what a talent! His reading is fully voiced and his delivery is completely effortless. The voices he creates are totally unique for each character, yet sound easy and natural, even those that are rough-edged or raspy. In this story de Ocampo voices an amazing range of characters, including a bearded lady dwarf, a hermaphrodite, and a puppy boy, making them all completely believable...” - School Library Journal

“...Narrator Ramon de Ocampo provides a stellar reading, giving each character a distinct voice...”on

“...Ramon de Ocampo engages listeners with Abel's first-person voice, which brims with awe, hope, and, most importantly, teenage hormones. De Ocampo handles Abel admirably, with good inflection and vocal characterization” - AudioFile Magazine

for FIRESTORM by David Klass

“...Ramon de Ocampo uses his wonderful talent for voice and accents to keep the characters alive and the story active, moving right along with the swift pace set by Klass's superb writing.”

Ramon de Ocampo's vibrant, youthful voice perfectly executes Jack's point of view. From the action scenes to the contemplative moments, de Ocampo provides the right emphasis, pitch, and seriousness. With all the passion of a confused and frustrated teenager, de Ocampo infuses this first-person narration with a tonal range that genuinely embodies Jack. - audiofile magazine

for THE SUMMER OF RILEY by Eve Bunting *winner of Audiofile Earphones Award

“Bunting writes a beautiful story, and de Ocampo brings it brilliantly to life. Of particular merit is the re-creation of William's internal dialogues as he reasons right from wrong when his dog attacks a defenseless old horse. De Ocampo keeps the story moving along on a lighter note as we meet William's friend, Grace, who is his opposite. While the children fight to save the dog, there is a great deal of dialogue, which greatly benefits from vocalization. The tale, which keeps you on the edge until the very end, should help anyonecoping with grief and loss.”  Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award - Audiofile Magazine

THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU by Jonathan Tropper

“Narrator Ramon de Ocampo gives a subtly nuanced rendering of Jonathan Tropper's family story involving a distressed and insecure man whose father has just died and whose wife is sleeping with his insufferable boss...De Ocampo reveals the various characters involved in the family shiva with a degree of variation in tone and voice that doesn't call attention to itself while delineating identity and gender....I finished listening to this book a week ago and it is still on my mind. The story is terrific and would be a good read, but then you would miss the superb narration by Ramon de Ocampo who really brings the Foxman family to life. A definite 5 star listen.”  -AudioFile Magazine


“...In a voice that brings to mind Holden Caulfield and David Sedaris rolled into one...Narrator Ramon de Ocampo is completely tuned in to Greg's angst-filled point of view. Though Greg is not always what you'd call a sympathetic character, de Ocampo's well-dramatized, insightful presentations of his various plights evoke our empathy--and laughter.” - AudioFile


Ramon de Ocampo balances the ironic tones of the teen Alcatraz, the dry wit of the world rescuers, the malevolence of the librarians, and the hautiness of time-traveling dinosaurs and other hilarious, baleful critters. De Ocampo’s straightforward narration of the most absurd of tales works splendidly.” -Audiofile magazine

for : The Storm Runners Series by Roland Smith

“Ramón de Ocampo steadily narrates horrific events that range from electrocution to gators and escaped tigers. Chase’s voice reflects the calm he imposes on himself, aided by his father’s imagined advice, which plays in his head.  Narrator Ramon de Ocampo’s consistent and distinct characterizations help listeners get a bearing on the life-threatening situations and large cast of characters. His narration matches the intensity of the story.” -Audiofile Magazine

for: Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormick

“Narrator Ramon de Ocampo splendidly captures Arn's broken English and mischievous personality, along with his dawning realization that he and his fellow prisoners are NOT going to be returning home in three days’ time. As atrocities mount, de Ocampo vividly portrays the characters’ reactions.” - Audiofile Magazine

STEALING AIR by Trent Reedy

Ramon de Ocampo gives an energetic and compelling performance...De Ocampo's dynamic changes in pitch and volume make it easy to distinguish between the characters: Brian himself, who struggles to fit in; his father, who is anxious about work; Alex, who is laid-back but undependable; and Max, who is geeky and speaks deliberately. De Ocampo's enthusiasm, clear enunciation, and skillful pacing dramatize the exhilaration of a common goal as Brian and his friends leave behind the pressures of school by escaping into the air in a homemade airplane. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2012

LOST IN THE SUN by Lisa Graff

...The success of this audiobook is in its nuanced layers of meaning and emotion, all delivered appropriately in Ramon de Ocampo’s narration. His enactment of Trevor’s first-person narration is a mix of snark and misery, both crucial for balancing the deep feelings with moments of levity. De Ocampo’s on-target portrayals of secondary characters provide contrast and allow listeners to see the truths this unreliable narrator doesn’t always acknowledge—the support he receives from his mother, older brother, and teachers; the coldness of his father; and, most memorably, the significance of Fallon, a girl with terrible facial scars and no self-pity. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2015


In this Filipino crime novel, Ramon de Ocampo hits all the right emotional notes. As two Jesuit priests seek to avenge poor children who are being killed for their organs, the story details are so vivid that squeamish listeners should beware. De Ocampo's flexible characterizations and consistent pace pull listeners into the dangerous chase. The listener's horror mounts as the crimes escalate, made worse by the persistent reminders that the victims are children. Fans of forensics investigations will find much to admire in this title. - AudioFile Magazine

for CROSSING THE WIRE by Will Hobbs

“...No matter what one's political sensibilities, Ramon de Ocampo's performance as Victor Flores, an impoverished Mexican attempting to enter the U.S., brings a human face to the issue of illegal immigration. De Ocampo's narration vividly portrays the desperation of a young boy struggling to evade the border control as he contends with the corruption of the coyotes who promise to smuggle him into El Norte. The listener endures gnawing hunger, shivers in bone-chilling weather, and experiences the terror of the hunted in this convincing performance. Though the story may be commonplace and all too familiar, de Ocampo's sympathetic rendering of Victor's trials paints a compelling portrait of the less fortunate striving to survive in a hostile world...”-AudioFile Magazine

TANGERINE by Edward Bloor

Ramon de Ocampo conveys what it's like to be a teenager, a person with almost no power over his own life, yet full of his own strong beliefs about how things should be. He gives Paul an optimistic voice, making him come across as extremely likable, a person ready to learn and grow from life's experiences.” - Audiofile magazine

for THE MAGNIFICENT 12 by Michael Grant

“Ramon de Ocampo gives a rousing presentation of the first in the series of adventures of 12-year-old Mack MacAvoy. Mack is “pretty medium” on every scale—a medium-happy kid who has medium brains and medium looks. But one day he learns that he’s one of the Magnificent 12, and he's being called upon to set aside his "mediumness" to track down the other 11 members, who will join him to save the world from an evil force. De Ocampo’s narration is far from a medium telling of the story. With a quick pace, he conveys the humor that helps Mack deal with new challenges and the combination of fear and excitement that drives pretty much everything that Mack does.” -Audiofile magazine.

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