from THE MALCONTENT (Antaeus Theatre co. as “Mendoza”)

“Ramon de Ocampo’s physicality is beautiful, elegant, spontaneous, and humorous.  He hit just the right note of irony, slipping in and out of open and dessembled villainy.” -Eve Meadow, Stage Happenings

“De Ocampo is conniving and dazzling as Mendoza.”-Cynthia Citron, LA Examiner

“...I loved Ramon de Ocampo for his flashy, impassioned and alluring performance as Mendoza.  Handsome and charming, de Ocampo was greasily suave as well as comical as the conniving Lothario- great stuff!”  -Arts Beat LA

“de Ocampo is in full command of the stage at all times.  You dare not miss a roll of his eyes, an arched eyebrow, a sadistic smile, nor the poisonous thoughts that roll off his tongue.” -Will Call

“de Ocampo plays a suave, ruthless schemer with an eye for the ladies in a deliciously comic turn from one of our busiest and best stage and screen actors.” - Stage Scene LA

from THE GIRL MOST LIKELY TO (Playwrights Arena, as “Mama Cid”)

“...the Amazing Ramon de Ocampo...” -Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema

De Ocampo, one of the Antaeus Company’s most gifted members, vanishes inside Mama Cid’s divalicious skin, creating from Premsrirat’s words a man of guts, grit, and sense of self most of us could only dream of possessing.” -Stage Scene LA

from THE TAMING OF THE SHREW (Yale Repertory Theater As “Kate”)

“…(the production) lifts the Yale Rep season to its high point, thanks in large part to Lamos’ collaboration with Ramon de Ocampo, who delivers a wonderfully modulated and deeply compelling characterization as Katherina… his performance proves vital to the success of a production with much else to commend it.  The great value of his acting derives from his utter refusal to camp or to exaggerate female mannerisms…he is funny as she fumes, passionate as she yields…both real, and deceiving.  In the great final speech (he) rises to the comic catharsis magnificently, with fire and eloquence.” – Malcolm Johnson, Hartford Courant

“de Ocampo, a potent performer…takes the role of Kate with aplomb and uncampy femininity.” – Markland Taylor, Variety

“…Kate is played superbly by Ramon de Ocampo…” – Joanne Greco Rochman, Stage Struck, Waterbury Republican- American

"...Ramon de Ocampo did not ocampo'd it up as Kate in Mark Lamos' sometimes sassy, sometimes silly production of "Taming of the Shrew." While de Ocampo had as much fun as anyone in the comic was in Kate's quieter moments that were the most effective. He had us at "Hola."-Frank Rizzo, Hartford Courant, 2002-2003 Defining Moments on Stage.

" Ocampo’s work was so well rounded and deep that you get lost in the brilliant acting..."-Frank Rizzo, Hartford Courant, 2002-2003 Defining Moments on Stage.

from DOGEATERS (Kirk Douglas Theatre/ NYSF as “Joey”)

“... exception(al) is Joey Sands (Ramon de Ocampo) a rent boy and junkie determined to pull himself out of chaos through an assignation with visiting satyr Rainer Fassbinder.  De Ocampo's intensity is welcome..." --Bob Verini, Daily Variety

“...The actors...disappear into each role with authentic accents and quirky physicalities. Especially noteworthy among the gifted cast are...Ramón de Ocampo as a deejay and callboy...” -- Backstage West Critics pick

“...One of the many subplots involves... young hustler (and junkie) Joey Sands- the superb Ramon De Ocampo...” - Steven Lieberman, Culver Observer

“…particularly exciting in the large ensemble was Ramon de Ocampo as a hustler caught in a power struggle…” – David Sheward, Backstage (Dogeaters, New York Public Theater production, as “Joey”)

from: THE ROMANCE OF MAGNO RUBIO (as “Atoy/ Clarabelle”) (Off Broadway NYC, Ma-Yi Theater co, DR2 theater)

“Clarabelle is hilariously portrayed by Ramon de Ocampo.” – Roy Sorrels, 

“…Clarabelle’s voice is channeled through standout de Ocampo, who in a deep southern drawl laden with sarcasm and deceit slowly unravels her true nature.” – Katie Riegel,

“…her unctuous southern trash drawl is voiced brilliantly by Ramon de Ocampo, who also plays Atoy.” – Arlene McKanic, Greenwich Village Gazette

(at the Cultural Center of the Philippines)

“…excellent work turned in by Ramon de Ocampo in the play of the year!” – Nestor U. Torre,  Philippine Daily Inquirer

(at the Laguna Playhouse)

“…most enjoyable is Ramon de Ocampo’s commitment to over-the-top femininity in the role of Clarabelle…” Tom Provenzano, LA WEEKLY

“…de Ocampo stands out and sparks laughter when voicing the lines of sultry swindler Clarabelle.” – Kristina Mannion, Critics Pick, OC Weekly

“…whether portraying a virile laborer or a falsely saccharine female, (de Ocampo) is expansively believeable… -- Joel Hirschhorn, Variety

From: LOVE! VALOUR! COMPASSION! (Studio Theatre, Washington, DC)  

“Ramon de Ocampo is righteous, zesty, and sexy in the role…” – John Larson, Metro Weekly 

“de Ocampo brings solidity to a character who could easily be played as utterly shallow…” –Lloyd Rose, Washington Post 

“(de Ocampo’s) vibrant sexuality drives everyone crazy!” – Steppin Out, WDC

“de Ocampo is fiercely sexual, he uses his body as if it were a weapon…” – The Georgetowner


“particularly notable is Ramon de Ocampo, whose portrayal of the young stowaway is electrifying!” – Irene Backalenick, Backstage 

“Ramon de Ocampo is particularly notable among a good all around cast” – Wilborn Hampton, New York Times

“Ramon de Ocampo is particularly touching as the young stowaway who nobly insists on falling victim to the sword…” Elyse Sommer, Curtain Up

from:  KING LEAR  (playing Edgar, Antaeus Theatre co, LA)

“Ramon de Ocampo is breathtaking...”  --broadway world

“Ramon de Ocampo is strong and passionate as Edgar...” --LA  Stage and Cinema

“Ramon de Ocampo is convincingloy heroic and...thrilling” -- LAist

OTHER notables from various plays

“de Ocampo offers what seems to be a troupes worth of acting.  From two rows back, it appears effortless and compelling…” –Lawrence Biemiller, The Chronicle Of Higher Education (“Hamlet”, as Hamlet, Carnegie Mellon University)

“…Zealy Bess obtains the best performance from Ramon de Ocampo as Terry’s teenage in-law…” – Victor Gluck, Backstage (“Bad Blood” EST Marathon)

“Ramon de Ocampo is electrifying as Jakob…” – Irene Backalenick, Backstage (“Middle Finger”, as Jakob, Ma-Yi theater co)

“de Ocampo is fiercely enthusiastic  as Romeo!” – The Georgetowner (“Romeo and Juliet”, Romeo, Kennedy Center)

“…Danny, played by the same brilliant, impassioned young actor that I commented on earlier in the week, Ramon de Ocampo. Mr. Ocampo, may well be as unstoppable as Jeffrey Wright, and Liev Schriber, he is certainly someone to watch and I do hope that George Wolfe finds places for him in the upcoming seasons.” - Dick McClanahan (Xpat-Inferno, New York Public New Work Now Festival)

“... Ramon de Ocampo does wonderful, subtle work...” - Stage Scene LA  on “As White As O”

“...the usually bland Claudio is given welcome dash by Ramon de Ocampo...” - Variety LA on “Much Ado About Nothing”

“...Obie winner de Ocampo yet again displays his indispensable gifts as Aleko’s somewhat dim and ambiguous identity proves sly and inventive.” - Hollywood reporter on “NEVA”.

(from top): 
“the Malcontent” Mendoza (Antaeus)
“King Lear” Edgar(Antaeus)
“the Curse of Oedipus”, Oedipus (with Joshua Clark)
“Sick” (Playwrights Arena with Diarra Kilpatrick)
“Taming of the Shrew” (Yale Rep) with Joe Urla; 
“Pera Palas” (Boston Court/Antaeus) with Angela Goethals; “Dogeaters” (Kirk Douglas) with Orlando Pabotoy and Liza Del Mundo; “Tonight at 8:30, Still Life” (Antaeus) with Angela Goethals; 
“The Romance of Magno Rubio” (Culture Project, NY); 
“Dogeaters” with Alberto Isaac;  
“Dogeaters” as Joey Sands; 
“Magno” (center guitar) with Art Acuna, Jojo Gonzalez, Paolo Montalban,     
        and Bernardo Bernardo
“M. Butterfly” (East West Players) with Arye Gross

"Electrifying!" -Backstage magazine NY

"Exceptional! A potent performer!" -Variety

"Superb!" -Culver Observer, Stage Struck,  and LAist

"...Compelling...Vital... Well rounded...Brilliant..." - Hartford Courant

“Expansively believeable!” -Variety

“Breathtaking!” -Broadway World

“...Riveting...Incredibly brave...” -Backstage Magazine (LA)

“...Beautiful, Elegant, Spontaneous, and Humorous.” -Stage Happenings

"...Indispensable gifts..." -Hollywood Reporter